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Quality Resources, LLC was created to respond to the documentation needs of the aviation community.  With our knowledge of regulations, excellent communication skills and technical expertise, we assist our clients in enhancing documentation processes and operational procedures.


What can Quality Resources, LLC do for you?



Quality Resources, LLC offers a wide array of aviation manuals to fulfill the needs and requirements of your flight operation, no matter the size or complexity.

Whether you are a Part 91, Part 121, Part 125, Part 125M, or Part 135 operation, Quality Resources, LLC provides material tailored to you.

Quality Resources, LLC aviation manuals use the ISO 9000 subordinative numbering system and are formatted with an emphasis on consistency, clarity, and concision. And not only does Quality Resources, LLC provide exceptional, original material, but we can reformat your existing documentation, too.

IS-BAO Compliance

The International Business Aviation Council (IBAC) introduced the International Standard for Business Aircraft Operations (IS-BAO) to foster standardized, safe and highly professional aircraft operations.

Registration requirements includes the creation of a compliant Flight Operations Manual, including SOPs, Safety Management System, Emergency Response Program, and Minimum Equipment List; the establishment of a comprehensive training and documentation program; a safety audit of your hangar; an assessment of aircraft equipment; and an evaluation of maintenance procedures, as appropriate.

As part of the process, Quality Resources, LLC offers on site visits to help your flight department prepare for a Stage 1, 2, or 3 audit. Quality Resources, LLC does not offer IS-BAO registration auditing services as we know this would be a conflict of interest and would not serve our customers or the industry.

Let Quality Resources, LLC help you obtain your IS-BAO registration.

Flight Operations Manual

A Flight Operations Manual (FOM) is required by ICAO regulations, required for IS-BAO registration and is the backbone of any flight department. Quality Resources, LLC can create an FOM that documents your procedures and policies while integrating industry best practices.

If you already have a Flight Operations Manual, Quality Resources, LLC can put it in a format that presents your material in a structured and intuitive style. The first step of this process is to perform a gap analysis of your existing material to determine what is needed to ensure regulatory compliance.
FOMs can be customized for the following regulatory parts:

  • FAR Part 91
  • FAR Part 121
  • FAR Part 125 (125M)
  • FAR Part 135

Safety Management Systems

The Quality Resources, LLC SMS has been adapted and implemented by numerous flight departments who have seen the benefits of identifying, tracking and mitigating risk, as well as fortifying a culture of safety.

Emergency Response ProgramThe Quality Resources, LLC Emergency Response Program (ERP) provides a structural framework for the response to an aircraft incident or accident. This program prepares companies for what to expect in the event of an emergency. It offers the tools to efficiently manage the response in a way that matches the organization and needs of each client. The program also offers guidance for a company’s participation and cooperation in a subsequent NTSB investigation.

The program was conceived in the aftermath of an aircraft accident with personnel involved in the response who provided insight to make the program reflect the actual demands of such an unfortunate event.

The Quality Resources, LLC Emergency Response Program fulfills the emergency response plan requirements of the IS-BAO standard.

Reduced Vertical Separation Minimum

Quality Resources, LLC can work with you until FAA approval is obtained through either a Letter of Authorization or Operations Specifications.

The process includes a letter requesting RVSM authority, two RVSM manuals with binders & tabs, and a completed job aid.

Flight Attendant Manual

Many operators choose to have a higher level of safety by adding a well-trained flight attendant to their aircraft. With the help of your operations personnel and flight attendant leadership, material will be created that is specifically suited to your particular operation. One size does not fit all when it comes to cabin processes.

If you choose to add a flight attendant to your operation, Quality Resources, LLC can review your current operations manuals to ensure accurate inclusion of flight attendant procedures, and can assist if it is determined that you need a separate Flight Attendant Manual (FAM).

You may also benefit from the unique relationship between Quality Resources, LLC and FACTS Training International to ensure your procedures are up to date and efficient.

Category II/Category III

Category II or Category III operations just might be what you need to operate your aircraft. Whether it is a Boeing or a Challenger 300 or something in between, Quality Resources, LLC can help you wade through the Federal Aviation Administration paperwork to obtain an authorization.

An operations manual, including maintenance processes, will be created to meet your needs and assure compliance with the FAAs requirements. Input is required from maintenance and operations personnel to create this document.

Winter Operations Manual

Winter Operations Manual (WOM). 121.629 program may be used by 14 CFR part 121, 125, and 135 certificate holders when Quality Resources, LLC develops this manual and it is approved.

Letter of Compliance

Quality Resources, LLC has developed a user friendly way to show compliance with different regulatory parts. This template can be linked to your manual suite.

Maintenance Policies and Procedures Manual

Various operations request a Maintenance Policies and Procedures Manual (MPPM) to assist in the processing of parts, repairs, break/fix, elementary servicing, etc.

Data Link

This manual will help you get approved for data communication capability comprising air/ground and ground/ground data network services, specified data link message sets and protocols, aircraft equipment, ATS Facility equipment, and operational procedures intended to provide primary or supplemental ATS communications.

Standard Operations Manuals

Quality Resources, LLC will work closely with the flight department to develop company and aircraft specific operating procedures.

International Flight Operations Manual

International Flight Operations Manual (IFOM) is for operations outside North America, in airspace which requires state approval, or to countries where customs/immigration procedures must be followed.

Scheduling Handbooks/Manuals

Quality Resources, LLC has developed a Scheduling Handbook for your flight scheduling needs. This customizable manual contains material for trip reservations, scheduling of the aircraft and crews, post trip procedures, reports, and more.

Fuel Farm Manual

This document has been requested by various departments who maintain their own fuel farm and feel the need to have their policies and procedures documented.

Ground Services Manual

Quality Resources, LLC has developed a ground services manual (GSM) for ramp and hangar operations including towing of aircraft, hand signals, ramp safety, fueling procedures and more.

Bermuda Registry

Quality Resources, LLC is an approved documentation provider who can assist in the process of obtaining Bermuda D.C.A. approval for a Safety Management System (Article 85 of the Air Navigation (Overseas Territories) Order 2007).

If you would like to register your aircraft in Bermuda, Quality Resources, LLC can also provide regulatory material that is compliant with the Overseas Territory Aviation Requirements (OTARs).

Occupational Safety and Health Administration Manual

Quality Resources, LLC has developed an OSHA Program for flight operations who are committed to providing a healthy and safe workplace for all of its employees. This Program contains information on Personal Protective Equipment, Fall Protection, Lockout/Tagout, and more.

Safety Assurance Systems

Safety Assurance Systems (SAS) are now required to be completed by the certificate holder. Quality Resources, LLC has a solution.


Revise, Print, Assemble, and Ship!

With state of the art software and hardware, our expert staff is able to print, assemble, and ship your manuals.

Allow Quality Resources, LLC to revise your manuals and see how easy it is to receive all your materials ready for your distribution. We can support your operation with revisions in a timely manner with pricing acceptable to your accountant.

Electronic or Paper Based Manuals

Quality Resources, LLC has in house publishing capabilities for your manuals, handbooks, and documents. We can create electronic or paper based products to meet your needs.

Electronic Manuals

Quality Resources, LLC will make your forms fillable electronically so you can complete them on your tablet device. On your Flight Risk Assessment Tool, you can add values by checking boxes instead of typing every number, and have the total change color (for example, from green, to yellow, then red) depending on risk level.

Quality Resources, LLC also makes your documents interactive. Files of any type (PDF, Word, Excel, etc.) can be opened right out of the pages of your manual. You can link between books across your manual suite, or from a Compliance Statement or Safety Assurance System audit to any of your manuals, so that clicking a link will instantly open the destination document, or even a specific page within it.

Since these features are added during the revision process, your documents can be revised and still maintain the extra functionality.

Paper Manuals

We publish your manuals, handbooks, and documents so your documents are secure, as they are never at retail suppliers. With the help of some good software, hardware, suppliers, and brain power, Quality Resources, LLC is able to print, assemble, and ship your manuals. As extra security all document shredding is done in-house.

Printing Options

  • 8 ½ x 11 large format
  • 5 x 8 ½ small format
Duplex Printing
  • Printing on both sides of each sheet is available.
Ink Style
  • Black and white
  • Color
  • Standard 5 bank
  • Custom sizes and colors
Custom binders are available
  • Standard Poly Binders
  • Leather Binders
Paper selection
  • 20 lb. is our standard
  • We also offer 16 or 24 lb.

About Us

Our team shares the goal of making Quality Resources, LLC a reliable and efficient company that creates exceptional products.


  • Lucille Fisher
    Lucille Fisher has over 30 years of experience in manufacturing and aviation. She has developed curriculum and implemented training of various applications for a rapidly growing fractional aircraft ownership operator that allowed growth without creating safety, production or service problems. She created and assisted with various operations manuals as Director of Inflight Services for Part 121 certification under the CSET process. Lucille also developed systems and reports for the Part 91 department to meet the requirements of the flight office and downtown executive office for a bank holding company.

    As Director of Technical Support for a startup airline that was operating under Part 135, Lucille was charged with writing procedures and creating manuals for maintenance and operations.
    With twelve years experience holding various positions with a manufacturer of valves and actuators for the Navy Nuclear program, Lucille was responsible for manual writing and auditing of production procedures for in-house and vendors.

    Lucille has served on the National Business Aviation Association’s Schedulers and Dispatchers committee and was Chair in 1998-1999. She participated in the Aviation Rulemaking Committee for the rewrite of the Code of Federal Regulations Part 125/135. She is the former Chair of the National Business Aviation Association’s Domestic Operations Committee.

    Lucille has extensive knowledge and understanding of regulatory matters and has considerable experience in creating compliance documentation. She has worked with numerous Part 91, 125, 135, and 121 operations and has written programs and presented to the Federal Aviation Administration.

    Lucille holds the following degrees:

    Master in Business Administration,
    John Carroll University, Cleveland, OH;

    Bachelor of Science in Management,
    Gannon University, Erie PA;

    Associate of Science in Business Administration,
    Gannon University, Erie, PA.

  • Greg Tokar
    Greg Tokar is an operations subject matter expert with more than 14,000 flight hours. He has been involved in the aviation industry for over 30 years. Greg has gained expertise through a variety of positions, from Chief Pilot for a startup Part 135 scheduled operator to Chief Pilot of a King Air 200. Greg maintains his CFII and is current and qualified.

    Greg has prior experience as a printer operating four color printing presses. His eye for composition has assisted Quality Resources, LLC in creating quality documents that look appealing and professional.


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    The Quality Resources, LLC team is made up of a diverse group of professionals who bring experience from a variety of disciplines. They share the goal of making Quality Resources, LLC a reliable and efficient company that creates superior products for the aviation community.
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